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Snow Socks Suitable for Any Make or model of car

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Snow Socks for safe winter motoring

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What are Snocks Snow Socks?

Snocks are a high quality fabric tyre chain which when fitted to the driving wheels of your vehicle will provide grip on snow and ice. Snocks easily and quickly slip over your tyres and are held in place by an elasticated band around the back of the wheel.


The non-slip high tensity fabric is held in a central position by a patented “Central Tension Band” which forms the shape of the fabric around the tyre tread resulting in a greater inner contact surface.


Snocks are a very convenient product and are easily stowed in boot space. Each pack consists of: x2 Snocks, a heavy duty carry bag which can be used to kneel on when fitting, a pair of fabric fitting gloves and water resistant fitting instructions.


Snocks snow socks offer the following advantages:

  • Maximum Speed 40Km/h / 25mph
  • Suitable for use for vehicles fitted with ABS/ESP
  • Machine Washable
  • Only 2mm or Arch Clearance Required
  • Quick Fitting in Only 2 Minutes
  • Suitable for use with Summer or Winter Tyres
  • Made with 100% Recyclable Material.

What are the benefits?

  • Improved traction for driving, braking and cornering: 98 per cent as efficient as snow chains
  • Designed for front- and rear-wheel drive, and four-wheel drive, vehicles. They should only be fitted to the relevant drive wheels
  • Low-cost alternative to winter tyres and snow chains
  • Lightweight and compact, can be kept in the glovebox
  • Warranty is a two-year parts defect warranty, claimed via the factory
  • Two snow socks are included in each pack, one for each wheel

When should they be used?

  • They should only be used on snowy and icy roads and should be removed before driving on tarmac. When they are used, the car must be driven as slowly and smoothly as possible and no faster than 25 mph
  • Special care must be taken if snow socks are not fitted to all four wheels, because traction for wheels without snow socks will be less than those fitted with snow socks
  • Excessive wheel slipping or spin, harsh and sudden braking and excessive driving speed could all lead to premature wear and potential failure of snow socks
  • We recommend that you practice fitting snow socks before there is a real need for them to do so
  • Snow socks should always be removed when the vehicle is parked to stop the material sticking to the snow or ice

How to fit your socks


Park the vehicle in a flat safe place and ensure your hand brake is on.
Please note that the Snocks should be fitted to the drive wheels.
Use the gloves supplied.

1. Starting at the top of the tyre, hook the elasticated rim around the back edge of the tyre.
2. Pull the elasticated rim down to the left and the right as far as it will go.

3. Slowly pull the vehicle forward enough to rotate the wheels by 180 degrees.  Now pull the remainder of the elasticated rim around the back of the tyre until it is completely on.

4. Pull the sock into a central position.
It is advisable to check your socks after a short distance to ensure they are centralised correctly.

Fitting to vehicles with very low arch clearance where the fitter can not reach behind the tyre may be eased by lifting the vehicle using a jack to create space in the arch or to fit the Snocks from the bottom of the tyre upward.

Usage advice:

Snocks Snow Sock Winter Traction Aids are intended to aid traction on un-cleared snow covered roads, its also ideal for getting off a snow covered driveway / car park. They are designed for front, rear and four wheel drive formats and should be applied to all the relevant drive wheels. Recommended for use at low speed.
Max speed 25Mph (40Kph). Damage may be caused to the Socks by driving / accelerating / braking on tarmac or other non snow covered surfaces. Damage of this kind is not covered under the product warranty. Erratic or sudden braking and accelerating can damage the Snocks winter traction aids. If ripped or worn the Snocks winter traction aids will no longer be effective and should not be used. Do not drive on any ground not completely covered by snow. Stop driving immediately if a Snocks winter traction aid becomes loose. Compatible with vehicle’s equipped with ABS and ESP. In the even of extreme driving conditions i.e. exceptionally heavy snow, ice and steep gradients it is advised to stop driving using Snocks winter traction aids. Only use Snocks for their intended tyre sizes which are listed in the application guide.


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Snow Socks Suitable for Any Make or model of car

Snow Socks Suitable for Any Make or model of car

Snow Socks for safe winter motoring