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Quantum SYNTA oil View larger

Quantum SYNTA oil 208 Litre: ZGB115QLB00408


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Quantum SYNTA 208 Litre Oil

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We accept the following Payment cards

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1. Description/Application

Quantum Synta is a synthetic based 10W-40 engine oil for year round use in all applications where an engine oil to that viscosity grade and performance level is recommended.
Quantum Synta uses an optimised blend of synthetic base oils and a carefully selected and balanced additive system for superior performance and protection.

2. Features/Benefits

• Balanced combination of additives gives superior performance in a synthetic based formula • High temperature stability ensures control of engine deposit formation
• Ideal for high performance cars such as multi-valve and turbo-charged models
• Incorporation of synthetic base technology results in reduced oil consumption

• Excellent low temperature properties ensure efficient cold starting and rapid oil circulation to reduce start up wear.

3. Performance

SAE 10W-40
VW 505 00 Approved. May be used where the earlier VW 500.00 specification is required.

4. Technical Characteristics

SAE Viscosity Rating Relative Density at 20°C Viscosity at 40°C, mm2/s Viscosity at 100°C, mm2/s Viscosity Index

Pour Point, °C
Flash Point, (closed) °C

5. Availability


5 litres
20 litres
208 litres
Bulk (500 litres) Bulk (1000+ litres)

6. Address

10W-40 0.870 101.7 14

149 -30 195

Part Number:

ZGB 115 QLB 004 06 ZGB 115 QLB 004 07L ZGB 115 QLB 004 08 ZGB 115 QLB 004 41 ZGB 115 QLB 004 09

Quantum is a registered trade mark of Volkswagen Group United Kingdom Limited. Yeomans Drive, Blakeland, Milton Keynes MK14 5AN

All reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the information contained in this publication is accurate as at the date of printing. It should be noted however that the information above may be affected by changes occurring subsequent to the date of printing in the blend formulation or methods of application of any of the products referred to or in the requirements of any specification approval relating to any such products. 


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Quantum SYNTA oil 208 Litre: ZGB115QLB00408

Quantum SYNTA oil 208 Litre: ZGB115QLB00408

Quantum SYNTA 208 Litre Oil